Ultra-fast Broadband, Cloud Voice and Leased Lines for Businesses and Public Sector

The Fastest

An ultrafast connection at the busiest times with full fibre. Reliable WiFi in every corner of your room with complete WiFi. Buy the broadband you’ll never have to think about.

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Who we are

We are here to help. Discover seamless solutions to keep you connected, whatever your size or budget. Bring your teams and locations together with solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

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Full Fibre

Whether you’re in need of secure high speed business broadband, flexible guest WiFi, cloud voice, mobile SIM or a dedicated leased line, you’ll get our most reliable technology services ever.

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Why Kingfisher

In business every day matters. So, we have the largest, fastest, reliable network with full fibre solutions available to small and medium sized businesses.

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Gig speeds available to more small businesses
than any other provider



Complete tasks faster i.e. Emails, Downloading and Uploading. Suitable for up to 7 devices.

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Steam premium audio, video and browse content-rich websites. Suitable for up to 12 devices.

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Speed up downloads on multiple devices while running backup servers. Suitable for up to 15 devices.

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Connect even more users and devices. Process multiple transactions faster. Suitable for up to 16 devices.

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Run multiple apps, services and back ups simultaneously with faster and more powerful downloads. Suitable for over 17 devices.

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Cloud Voice

Take your business communication to the next level with cloud-based VoIP solutions. It does everything your traditional phone system can. We provide the best features, prices and performance.

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Leased Line

The UK’s no.1 dedicated leased line internet access for business. No sharing, unrivalled reliability, and marketleading service availability to help your business thrive.

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Join over 300
independent partners
across the UK

If you are looking to expand your business with an offering of the very best products and services, the most supportive of business partner’s whilst retaining full control and independence of your customer portfolio and direction, then Kingfisher would relish meeting with you.

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